Using HUG

HUG by LAUGH® is a sensory product designed to bring pleasure and comfort to people living with dementia. HUG is designed to be cuddled and has a beating heart within its soft body. HUG can play music that can be easily changed to a favourite playlist.

To use HUG, place the upper arms around your shoulders and place your hands onto HUG’s back. Relax and HUG will play music to you and return the cuddle.

How to introduce HUG

The way HUG is introduced to someone can make all the difference to the amount of pleasure they receive from it.

We have handy tips and advice about how to identify the stage in the dementia journey a person may be experiencing and guidance on how to help a person relate to HUG.

Adding music to HUG

A playlist of music can really help a person with dementia. We’ve teamed up with Playlist for Life to guide you in creating your own playlist that you can use with HUG. Use the resources here to add music to HUG and discover how music can evoke memories, bring connection and joy.

Cleaning HUG

HUG has been designed to allow cleaning. To find out more about how to care for your HUG there is useful guidance, step-by-step instructions and a handy downloadable ‘care card’ available here:

Using HUG’s heartbeat and music function

HUG has an electronics unit inside that mimics a heartbeat and is able to play music. To use HUG’s heartbeat and music function:

  • Turn on the unit by opening the zip on the side of HUG.
  • Locate the electronics unit in the pouch of the inner cushion.
  • Remove the unit and slide the switch to ‘low’ or ‘high’, depending on your preference.
  • Adjust the music volume using the dial.
  • Return the unit to the inner cushion and close the zip.

Charging HUG

The battery inside HUG’s electronics unit will last up to 2 days with continuous use. A red battery light indicates a low battery.

To charge the HUG unit:

  • Remove the electronics unit from the inner cushion.
  • Plug the USB cable provided into the charging point on the side of the unit.
  • Use the 3-pin plug provided to charge the unit via a wall socket.
  • The unit takes 4 hours to fully charge. The charging light turns red when charging and green when fully charged.
  • Fully charge the unit before use.

We hope this page has provided useful information about how to use and care for your HUG. This information can also be found in the HUG instruction leaflet which came with your HUG.

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