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Using HUG in Residential Care

HUG is being used with older people living in residential care. Our research has shown that residents' wellbeing benefits from having a HUG and it can make the carers job more rewarding too.

Using the HUG has been an effective way of helping our residents feel secure and loved, it has been amazing to see the smiles that a HUG can bring.

Danny Langhorn, Sunrise Senior Living

HUG was designed for a person living with advanced dementia in a care home in South Wales. It had such a positive impact on her health and wellbeing that the Welsh Government funded a larger study in a care home and a hospital context. Our residential care home evaluation involved giving HUG to 20 people living with dementia. We found that 87% of those using HUG during the 6-month study showed an increase in their wellbeing. You can read an article about the research here.

BBC Wales News made a short film featuring this study click here to watch. Alison describes how HUG helped to bring back her Mum's smiles and helped them to reconnect.

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