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Using HUG at Home

HUG can help reduce agitation and give comfort to someone living with dementia at home.

Mum loves her HUG doll, anything that can bring comfort and happiness to someone living with dementia is worth waiting for.

Family carer

Sometimes a hug is all that's needed to lift your spirits but there are times when a human hug isn't available. Carers tell us that HUG is a useful companion for someone when they can't be there. HUG helps stimulate conversation with others, or can inspire a sing-a-long to a favourite song. Finding the right content for a person is really important, as music can quickly change how someone feels. It can also encourage them to move, dance and sing which are all great activities for improving a person's sense of wellbeing. The music player can also play stories or poems to keep someone engaged and occupied. It's easy to upload audio files onto the device and we have 'How to' guides to show you how to do it here.

For Suzy's Mum, HUG was particularly important at bedtime and helped her transition from time spent with the family during the day to being alone in her bedroom. HUG has been designed with comfort and safety in mind and has been tested in care homes and NHS hospitals. Once the music player has been removed, the soft outer textile can be safely washed in a washing machine to keep it clean.

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