Our Research

We have collaborated with people living with dementia and their families as well as professional carers, to create and evaluate the HUG™ design. We have worked closely with over 70 organisations, including Alzheimer’s Society and the NHS, to develop HUG™ as an award-winning product. This helps ensure HUG™ is appropriate, useful and safe to use at home, in residential care and in hospital.

Research participant with HUG™

Our design process is guided by Compassionate Design that ensures that loving kindness and the needs of the user, are kept at the heart of all we do.

Compassionate Design toolkit

You can read more about Compassionate Design and the research journey that led to HUG’s development in ‘Compassionate Design: a toolkit for designers’. We have written over 40 published articles about our research and many of them can be accessed and downloaded for free.  Our research has also been published in a number of edited books on wellbeing and design.

We use technology in our products to extend their sensory properties. We know that music can provide special magic, transporting a person back to special moments in their lives. Aidan Taylor is our Technical Director, and his research continues to develop and refine innovative ways of interacting with our products to bring special moments into every day.

Our future research will focus on developing new sensory products to help people living with cognitive impairment, dementia and those in end-of-life care.  Our aim is to bring joy, comfort and pleasure through the designs that we create.

LAUGH project design research workshop

publications about HUG and the LAUGH project

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