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It was brilliant, it was amazing! We’d go and look at her and she would be completely relaxed.

NHS Nurse (evaluation study)

HUG is being used in social care and NHS hospitals to help care for people who are anxious, lonely and in need of a cuddle. HUG can help people living with a range of medical and psychological conditions for example: dementia, stroke, chronic pain, end of life care, people with learning disability, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 

The way HUG is introduced to someone can make all the difference to the amount of pleasure they receive from it. We have worked with Jackie Pool (Consultant Occupational Therapist) to develop guidance on how to introduce a HUG to someone living with dementia. You can find advice about how to identify the stage in the dementia journey a person may be experiencing and guidance on how to help a person relate to HUG here.

HUG features in an Alzheimer’s Society training course: ‘Running great activities for people with dementia ‘. This can be delivered in person to organisations and care professionals. Contact Alzheimer’s Society to see their range of resources and arrange training here.

Click here for more information about how HUG is being used in hospital and residential care homes.

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