How to use HUG

We are delighted to introduce you to HUG! We really hope HUG will provide pleasure and companionship.

The way HUG is introduced to someone can make all the difference to the amount of satisfaction they receive from it. The information on this page will help you introduce HUG to people who are affected by dementia.

The guidance has been developed in collaboration with QCS (Quality Compliance Systems) and Jackie Pool, Consultant Occupational Therapist, who is a leading UK expert in dementia care. Jackie Pool designed the PAL Instrument to help professional carers deliver excellent person-centred care for people living with dementia, and has created an adapted version specifically designed for HUG.

Introducing HUG

It is important to identify the stage of dementia a person may be experiencing. The 4 stages are discussed in the video and cards below, and they offer advice about how to help a person relate to HUG.

In this 20 minute ‘Introducing HUG’ video Jackie provides more detail and guidance on how to introduce HUG.

Download the PAL Guide here:

More information about Jackie’s work and how to use the PAL instrument in your care setting, please visit the QCS website and the QCS HUG page

Alzheimer’s Society Training

HUG features in an Alzheimer’s Society training course. The Alzheimer’s Society has developed, and can deliver, live training courses to organisations. Have a look at their dementia courses here

Specific training on how to introduce HUG to care settings features in their ‘Running great activities for people with dementia‘. Do get in touch with them to find out more.

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