Adding music to the HUG music player

Once you have your music playlist, you are ready to add this to the HUG music player by following the steps below. Please note that when you buy a HUG there is no music stored on it – it’s all ready for you to add your own!

    1. Switch on the heartbeat on the unit.
    2. Plug the USB cable provided into the unit and connect this to the USB port on your computer.
    3. The unit shows as a ‘drive’ on your computer.
    4. Add your MP3 music files onto the drive.
    5. Once finished, eject safely from your computer and unplug the cable.
    6. Switch the heartbeat off and on again, and the music will play.

To stream music via Bluetooth:

  • Switch on heartbeat.
  • Press and release the Bluetooth button.
  • Search on your phone’s Bluetooth menu for HUG and connect. The HUG unit will now act as a speaker for you to play your music via your streaming device/account.
  • Only 1 device can be connected to the HUG unit at any one time.
  • Press and release the Bluetooth button to switch between modes.

Listening to music, nature sounds, stories or poems can really lift a person’s spirits. Sound files can easily be uploaded onto HUG’s music player. Music can change your mood or transport you back to a different moment in your life in an instant. We’ve teamed up with Playlist for Life to guide you in creating your own playlist. Use their resources to create your playlist and then add the music files to HUG. You will discover how a person’s personalised playlist of music can evoke memories, bring connection and joy!

Once you have your playlist ready, you can add the music files to HUG using the step-by-step guide at the top of this page.

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