Story of HUG

HUG by LAUGH® is a sensory product designed to bring pleasure and comfort to people living with dementia. HUG is designed to be cuddled and has a beating heart within its soft body. HUG can play music that can be easily changed to a favourite playlist.

Links to media coverage about HUG®:

BBC website 

HUG® has been the feature of a short film, produced by the BBC. Reporter Colette Hume has been following the development of HUG® over the last few months, from production of 40 HUGs® by a self-reliant sewing group in Port Talbot, to the trial of 20 HUGs® with residents at Sunrise of Cardiff. The film shares this journey and the story of Margaret, a resident of Sunrise of Cardiff, and her daughter Alison.

BBC Radio Wales

Cathy being interviewed on BBC Radio Wales
Listen to Claire Summers interview with Jackie Pool and Cathy Treadaway

ITV Wales evening news

HUG and Cathy were invited on to ITV Wales evening news for a live interview on Thursday 31st October 2019.

HUG by LAUGH® at ITV Wales
Jac, Cathy and HUGs at ITV Wales
Cathy and HUG on ITV Wales Evening News
HUG being hugged by ITV Wales newsreader Jonathan Hill

Cathy’s interview watch from 15m 20sec

BBC Wales Today news

The HUG® film featured on the BBC Wales Today breakfast, lunchtime and evening news on 31st October 2019. BBC reporter Colette Hume has been following the story of HUG® over the past year and her report shows how far HUG has come and the impact it is having on people’s lives. The BBC film and article can be found on the BBC website.

TV  watch from 22m 30sec