Endorsements for HUG

Developing HUG we’ve met some amazing people along the way. They have been so excited by the potential benefits of HUG that they gave us these kind words to share with you…

Jackie Pool, Dementia Pal Ltd

“HUG is a great companion for supporting the well-being of people affected by more advanced dementia, especially those with emotional needs for comfort and security. I have been delighted to support the process of testing out how HUG can be introduced into a care setting, meeting the unique abilities and needs of each individual. It has been humbling to be able to utilize my PAL Instrument to support care workers and families to understand how to engage with HUG and their loved one. Understanding the life history, interest and preferences of a person can provide guidance on the motivator for engagement – as a work based activity; nurturing activity or simply to be on the receiving end of connection and comfort. The PAL assessment identifies the level of cognitive and functional ability so that the resulting PAL Profile guides the user in how to maximise the engagement in order to make it a joyful and meaningful experience”

Jackie Pool, Director of Dementia Pal Ltd www.jackiepoolassociates.org

Chris Maddocks, Alzheimer’s Society Ambassador

“As a person affected by dementia, I fully endorse HUG. I really want a HUG… everybody needs a HUG!”

Sunrise Senior Living, Danny Langhorn

“Using the HUG has been an effective way of helping our residents feel secure and loved, it has been amazing to see the smiles that a HUG can bring.”

Suzy Webster, Family carer

“HUG is a comfort for Mum. Wherever Mum goes, HUG will go. There is a strong attachment and emotional bond.”

Alison Webb, Family carer

“The HUG, I don’t know what it is, but it has kind of brought her (Mum) back again. The recognition, the smiles, the happiness seems to have come back.”

Alzheimer’s Society, Judges comments Accelerator Award

“This sweet, simple and effective product touches the heart, very tactile and believable. What greater feeling is there than receiving a hug?”