The comfort of a hug,
when it’s needed most.

HUG™ is a sensory product that is designed to be cuddled. It has long weighted limbs to give you a hug, a beating heart inside its super soft body, and a music player that can play music from your favourite playlist.

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Our impact

HUG™ is making a positive difference to the lives of many people who feel anxious, lonely or distressed. It can help soothe agitation and bring a sense of calm. You can read about how HUG is helping people living with dementia on our Stories pages and Media video clips.

HUG’s unique features

MP3 music player

Pulsing heartbeat

Soft, comforting material

Weighted arms and legs

Our story

HUG™ was designed in the UK for people living with advanced dementia, but is now being used to comfort all kinds of people, around the world. We are partnered with Alzheimer’s Society UK.

You can read about the research behind HUG here.

Who are you buying it for?

Care homes

HUG is a cuddly companion that can make a positive difference to an older person’s life. HUG was designed for someone living with advanced dementia in a care home.


If you are buying HUG for yourself, we hope it will bring you joy….and give you lots of cuddles! You will be joining a whole community of HUG users around the world.


HUG is being used in hospitals to soothe, comfort and aid communication with people of all ages living with a variety of mental and physical challenges.

Loved Ones

If you have a family member or friend who loves to have a cuddle, HUG may be just the thing for those moments when you can’t be there with them.

Supported by research

HUG™ has been developed from academic research and has been tested over the last four years in hospitals, care homes and by people affected by dementia who are living at home. BBC News shared an article about HUG™ in 2019.

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